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Holistic User Experience

Designing great experiences requires starting with people, observing and understand their behaviors, and synthesizing what that means to the problem at hand. It's combining the people we are designing for with our (and the team of designer's) expertise to build something truly desirable.

I started out practicing architecture, and one of the core tenants of my time before and during IDEO was that the form follows the behavior.

Here's some work examples of people-first user experience:

Create Deep Engagement

Engagement isn't just about getting people mad so they click on your website, or get them lost inside your store. It's about creating meaningful ways to solve people's problems so they are empowered.

Here's some work examples of empowering people through engagement:

Digital Transformation

We live in an internet or digital-first world, especially in the context of COVID-19. Transforming your organization, or the way you serve your customers, will be key to unlocking a successful, and longstanding, engagement.

But digital transformation isn't all about UI and what frameworks you use, but it's also about the overall digital strategy you undertake to help choose what suite of technologies, consultants, and touch points to fulfill your mission.

Here's some work examples of digital transformation:


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