Reminder: weeknotes are intentional moments of reflection. 

So this was a short week with Christmas break the last two days of the week. This allowed me to both have conversations and be present with family. 

Interesting conversations I had this week:

  • The best conversations are those which consist of about 60% catching up and just talking, with 20% explaining what I’d love to do in the future, and the balance setting up next conversations and whom to speak with. 
  • I hope to mix these type of conversations with more tactical and directional conversation in the next few months. 
  • Rank and file federal government workers (the bureaucracy or deep state to some) are cautiously hopeful that the new administration will respect internal expertise and install political appointees with some knowledge of how to run an agency
  • Discussed how focusing on the spirit can help define what tactics to employ
  • Looking at future opportunities through the prism of autonomy, mastery, and purpose can help me decide what new roles to prioritize or defer
  • Triangulating and understanding what a possible position requires, demands, and what the current company culture values requires lots of conversations, before the electron cloud-like picture emerges
  • Sometimes it only takes 10 minutes to explain what you want and need, as long as you have clear and actionable requests. 

On tap for next week

  • Writing lots for
  • Being present with family

I hope everyone has an excellent holiday, and a happy new year!