This feels like an auspicious week to start week notes. I’m planning on using these as a look back and looking forward moment. They will not be finished, elegant, nor potentially inspiring. They will act as a reflection forcing function. Check out the weeknotes tags for more updates.

I’m now fully outside my former employer’s bubble, and I am excited to explore what this new round of making and impact could be.

People I’ve spoken with

  • This week I’ve spoken to someone who I’ve interconnected over the last few years, starting with old Web 1.0 world discussing Folksonomies. We spoke about how to create new culture inside academia for a new program they are launching soon – how to inspire the younger faculty, while engaging and winning over those who need just a little more evidence
  • I spoke with a former colleague about the value of keeping your resume and portfolio up to date – a realization I could have experienced a few months ago. The value isn’t in potentially leaven your current place of employment (though that has some value), but rather (much like these week notes) sharpening what you are doing, and what you want to be doing. Lessons learned.
  • Also a great conversation with a former colleague about asking for help: I have come to realize that it isn’t about showing weakness or vulnerability to others (which might also be valuable), but it is really about communicating trust: I trust you enough that I need your help, and I trust your expertise in giving that assistance. That’s pretty powerful.
  • Two people last week spoke about using interviews as a way to create content, create networks, and as a possible way to edit an anthology book. Interesting. Two points makes a segment, and I’m waiting for the third point to make the ray. I’ve already been interviewing people for my interview project, so I’m already part of the way there.

Unoffice Hours?

Unoffice Hours are intentional moments set aside in these uncertain times, to have a conversation. No agenda required, no need to mail first.

We can reflect, inspire, explore, refresh perspectives on whatever project, plans, insights, challenges, aspirations, questions feel relevant in this moment. I've worked with you in the past, and want to stay connected with you, and see where the conversation goes. I look forward to engaging with you on new and evolving topics as well helping on work we’ve done together.

Book here:

Last week there was 10 inches of snow, which meant a snow day for childcare. Which meant a full day of snow angels and stomping around in the snow. Something being an independent consultant allows these days.

Looking forward

I’m looking forward this week to finishing up some much-needed conversations, scheduling new conversations for 2021, and for taking some time off to just hang with the family. We aren’t going anywhere, but that doesn’t mean scheduling and working out gift giving times across multiple families has gone away. It’s now just moved channels.

Next week is a short week, and I hope to complete some proposals, update this portfolio, and continue with independent research.

I wish you all well.