Project Stoa

Exploring & understanding how to design a better public feedback system.

Project Overview

Hi! We are conducting a study of how civic agencies are conducting public feedback sessions. From observing and speaking to a range of stakeholders and community members, there is wide agreement that the current systems aren't working. We are exploring this space by asking for feedback and ideas in order to design a better system.

Please stay tuned to this page for project updates.

Project Objectives

To better understand how we are engaging with the public, how these methods are working or failing, and how might we engage with the public in new ways to reduce frustration, increase participation, and civic engagement.

The end result will be a short white paper explaining our findings, with an end-goal of securing funding or sponsorship to prototype new ways of engaging feedback.

Project Questions

Because we are at the beginning of our study, our view is quite broad. As the study continues, we will narrow into specific questions and areas of study.

As part of our study, we hope to understand the following: 

  • What are people’s sentiments about current engagement and feedback methods?
  • What gaps or improvements do people need to have their voices heard?
  • What are the perceptions of the current system? What does civic engagement mean?
  • What end goals does giving feedback mean for people? Is it changing course of the project, or is giving feedback only a virtuous good?
  • What new means or methods would make people feel their voice is being heard?


If you are interested in contributing feedback, please fill out the intake form at this link or below:

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