Duo Design Workshop

A free workshop when you need a little gas in your thinking, let’s jam together to make something cool.

Workshop Overview

Sometimes we all need a little help. Something more than a coffee chat or brown bag lunch; but less than writing a scope of work or going through the procurement black box. As a small design shop, we feel that as well: we miss the ability to call on a diverse range of disciplines to jam on a problem, and can’t often afford to bring on additional people.

We also miss getting a bunch of people in a room (virtual or not) to focus on a problem.

So we created the Duo Design Workshop format: A focused 1.5-2 hour time where two parties each come with a hard problem, and together we collaborate to bring the thinking another step forward.

We use a variation of Chatham House Rule: everything said or created is free to use from the workshop, but we don’t reveal either the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s). Both parties will share the IP.

Workshop Parts

The workshop is generally composed of three parts:

Pre-work to define the problem into the right size for the workshop, generally completed asynchronously in google docs 1-2 weeks before the workshop .

Define the following, recorded in a google doc or mural board:

  • Problem statement
  • Stakeholders / key groups / key people
  • Any relevant research or inspiration

90-120 minute fully remote workshop where both sides have focused time to sketch and iterate their problem statement.

Past Workshop Agenda


2-3 weeks after the workshop, we will conduct a circleback chat remotely, to check in on how things are going and if there are any blockers or possible new areas of inquiry. 



The professional fee and cost for this workshop is $0.

We are doing this because both parties will gain value in the transaction, and we want to pilot new ways of working which fall outside a SoW, procurement, 1099, or W2 worldview. We like trying something new, and think everyone will get something for this time.

Past Workshops

Here is a short list of times we conducted and iterated these workshops:

  • Municipal Arts Society & Ennead Lab Civic Challenge
  • UN General Assembly Food Security Workshop
  • Municipal Arts Society Summit for New York City

Let's Jam

Please fill out this short intake form below or at this link and a member of our team will get back to you shortly to arrange a workshop time.

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