Hi. We're a full–service design cooperative – let’s work together to make your journey with a purpose successful.


You might be interested in hiring us if you need to create a more holistic user experience, or are interested in creating new ways of collaborating and engaging a community, or if you want to create new digital transformation for your organization. We also do a lot of public sector work -  we ❤ the Public Sector 

We bring all the design without the overhead, leveraging our fully-remote and distributed team.

We work with clients ranging from the Knight Foundation helping reimagine the civic commons across eight cities, to Bloomberg Philanthropies helping cultivate city-based innovation in the U.S. and India, to AARP helping evolve their role in creating livable communities for all, and the City of Los Angeles and NYCHA to make cities better through design.


Journey With Purpose

This issue is about Founding: the beginning of new things, work, and art. Our inaugural issue is our first prototype in using print pamphleteering to create narrative.

Jason Baker wrote a poem about a village, we speak with Lara Storm & Ben Swire about their company Make Believe Works, we share two features about Tactical Democracy: an introduction, and how we used Block Builder to help people’s inner voice come to life.

Please feel free to purchase a copy while supplies last. Your purchase helps support future issues through cash infusion, and by showing people care about this project.



A conversation about cities, architecture, history, and why these affect us today. Hosted by Randy Plemel and a weekly cast of characters.

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What we do →

Many leaders face a similar situation. They know they have a problem or need, but are short on time and need an outside perspective. 

 We like partnering with your team, working together to enable you to solve problems. Some of the ways we work together might look like →:



When you need long-term, episodic support, we offer continual coaching, guidance, and advising to stay with you across your journey. 



When you need to understand the people you serve, we will create a qualitative or quantitative study to answer your questions.



When you have a specific problem, we will customize a design program to help you solve your problem. This looks most like a design project.


Selected Clients


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Build Your Block

September 26th 1-5pm

NYC is always in a state of flux. Build your block with Block Builder on Sunday, September 26th anytime between 1-5pm. Drop in, and take the 5 to 15 minutes to show the world your block ideas. We will be in the 46th Avenue Pop-up Plaza at the MoMA PS1 main entrance.

We will give you the tools – stamps, stickers, pens, etc – to create and share your vision for your city block. Just bring your hopes, dreams, and ideas for the future of your block!


Holistic User Experience

Designing great experiences requires starting with people, observing and understand their behaviors, and synthesizing what that means to the problem at hand. It's combining the people we are designing for with our (and the team of designer's) expertise to build something truly desirable.

I started out practicing architecture, and one of the core tenants of my time before and during IDEO was that the form follows the behavior.

Here's some work examples of people-first user experience:

Create Deep Engagement

Engagement isn't just about getting people mad so they click on your website, or get them lost inside your store. It's about creating meaningful ways to solve people's problems so they are empowered.

Here's some work examples of empowering people through engagement:

Digital Transformation

We live in an internet or digital-first world, especially in the context of COVID-19. Transforming your organization, or the way you serve your customers, will be key to unlocking a successful, and longstanding, engagement.

But digital transformation isn't all about UI and what frameworks you use, but it's also about the overall digital strategy you undertake to help choose what suite of technologies, consultants, and touch points to fulfill your mission.

Here's some work examples of digital transformation:


Selected work

Expedition Works is a small-business design consultancy, where we design new businesses and services, new environments, new ways to engage with residents, and I conduct independent research. We help you on your journey with purpose.

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